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National Wages Council For 2007/2008 Invites Views On Wage Guidelines

The National Wages Council (NWC) chaired by Prof Lim Pin, Professor of Medicine at the National University of Singapore, will commence its deliberations on wage and wage-related guidelines for 2007/2008 in mid-April 2007. To assist the NWC in its deliberations, members of the public and organisations are invited to offer their views on the wage guidelines.

2. In its deliberations, the NWC will consider relevant factors such as global and regional economic performance and outlook, Singapore's cost competitiveness vis-à-vis other countries, labour market conditions, productivity, and rewards to workers for their contribution.

3. Members of the public and organisations are invited to provide feedback on wage and wage-related matters including encouraging companies to adopt flexible wage systems; moving from a seniority-based wage system to a performance-based one; and implementing re-employment policies for workers beyond age 62. The NWC also invites suggestions on how companies can help low-wage workers benefit from the Workfare Income Supplement Scheme announced recently. Views on the wage guidelines for 2007/2008 and related topics can be forwarded to the Secretary of the NWC through the following channels by Wednesday, 11 April 2007:

Mail: The Secretary
National Wages Council
c/o Labour Relations Department
Level 4 Ministry of Manpower
18 Havelock Road
Singapore 059764

Fax: 6535 4811


4. The NWC consists of members from the government, unions and employers' unions. The full list of members is in the Annex.