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Oral Answer by Mr Lim Swee Say, Minister for Manpower, to Parliamentary Question on Possibility of Incentivising Companies Which Employ Singaporeans in more than 85% of their Organisation's Workforce

Notice Paper No. 241 Of 2015 For The Sitting On 18 Aug 2015 Question No. 738 For Oral Answer

MP: Mr K Karthikeyan

To ask the Minister for Manpower whether the Ministry will consider incentivising companies which employ Singaporeans in more than 85% of their organisation's workforce.


  1. The Ministry has no plans yet to specially incentivise companies with Singaporeans making up more than 85% of their workforce, as suggested by the Member. To sustain the growth of our economy and create better jobs and careers for our people, we encourage and support the commitment of all companies in all sectors to nurture a strong Singaporean core in their workforce. We believe it is in the interest of firms to enhance their attractiveness and build a strong pipeline of quality jobs, so that they can have access to a sustainable pool of manpower and talent. Hence, through SkillsFuture, the Government is investing significantly in terms of efforts and resources in our people, and to help businesses in all major sectors of the economy to strengthen their Singaporean core, regardless of their current workforce composition.