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Written Answer by Mr Lim Swee Say, Minister for Manpower, to Parliamentary Question on “Lifetime Wage” Criterion for Silver Support Scheme

Notice Paper No. 107 Of 2015 For The Sitting On 14 April Question No. 230 For Written Answer

MP: Christopher de Souza

To ask the Minister for Manpower whether he can clarify what the definition of "lifetime wage" is, for the purpose of qualification for the Silver Support Scheme and what is the rationale for this criterion.


  1. The Silver Support Scheme aims to supplement the retirement incomes of the bottom 20% to 30% of elderly Singaporeans. As the scheme is for Singaporeans aged 65 and above, many could have retired, so their wages today would not be meaningful in determining eligibility. To ensure that assistance goes to those with lesser means, the Government will therefore look at lifetime wages earned before their retirement, together with the level of household support they have and the type of housing they live in. For lifetime wages specifically, we will look at the individual’s total CPF contributions accumulated over his or her working life as a proxy, and consider those with lower total CPF contributions before they reached 55. We will not look at CPF contributions after 55 so that Singaporeans are not discouraged from continuing to work in their later years. We are aiming to implement the scheme around the first quarter of 2016, and will provide further details closer to implementation.