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Written Answer by Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Acting Minister for Manpower, to Parliamentary Question on Placement Services at CaliberLink

Notice Paper No. 485 of 2013 For The Sitting On 20 January 2014 Question No. 1654

MP: Mr Vikram Nair

To ask the Acting Minister for Manpower how many people have approached WDA's CaliberLink for job assistance so far and how many of these people has CaliberLink successfully found employment for.


  1. The Workforce Development Agency (WDA) set up CaliberLink in December 2011 as a one-stop centre to provide training advisory and employment assistance for local Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs). The variety of services provided by CaliberLink include career coaching for PMEs, workshops to help them improve their job search skills, as well as recruitment and networking events to connect PMEs with hiring employers.
  2. Since commencing operations, CaliberLink has assisted more than 5,000 PMEs. Of these, about 2,000 sought dedicated employment assistance in the form of career coaching services. More than one-third (or around 750 PMEs) have found employment through referrals by CaliberLink, or independently after CaliberLink’s assistance1. The remaining 3,000 PMEs were helped through various events organised by CaliberLink to complement their job search, such as networking and recruitment events.
  3. Although it is relatively new, public awareness of CaliberLink is still growing and these figures are encouraging. However, there is still much room for improvement, and we look forward to continued feedback on where we can do better, as we strive to build up CaliberLink into an even more effective platform to connect our local PMEs to the right training and employment opportunities.
    1 A total of 2,034 PMEs were provided with career coaching services. Of the 764 PMEs, 71 found jobs as a result of CaliberLink’s direct referrals while 693 found jobs independently after receiving assistance.