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Written Answer by Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Acting Minister for Manpower, to Parliamentary Question on Help with Fees of Detailed Medical Reports for Low-Income Workers Claiming Work Injury Compensation or Reimbursement

Notice Paper No. 108 Of 2014 For The Sitting On 14 Apr 2014 Question No. 788 For Written Answer

MP: Assoc Prof Fatimah Lateef

To ask the Acting Minister for Manpower what can be done for low-income workers who are not able to bear the fees of detailed medical reports in order to claim for work injury compensation or reimbursement.


  1. The Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) offers workers a no-fault, expeditious and low-cost route to compensation for any injury arising out of and in the course of employment.
  2. Employers are required under WICA to pay for their worker’s medical leave wages, medical expenses and compensation for permanent incapacity or death, where applicable. For medical expenses, which include fees for medical reports to support work injury compensation claim, employers are liable to pay up to $30,000 or 1 year from date of accident, whichever is reached first, as long as treatment is considered necessary by a Singapore-registered doctor. Injured worker who has paid for his medical reports or treatment from his own pocket can seek reimbursement from his employer.
  3. Local workers who require financial assistance while waiting for their compensation claims can apply for the Special Relief Fund1 administered by the Singapore Labour Foundation. The fund which sets out to aid industrial accident victims provides up to $5,000 in temporary relief for eligible applicants.
  4. Workers are advised to approach the Ministry of Manpower for assistance if their employers fail to compensate them for work-related injuries. The Ministry will not hesitate to take firm actions against such errant employers.

1The Special Relief Fund provides interim lump sum financial relief of up to $5,000 to Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents with household income up to $1,800 or per capita income of not more than $500, who are injured while working.