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MOM's Clarification to TWC2 article: “Is this right? Ministry official suggests to worker that he should overstay”

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) would like to make the following clarifications with reference to TWC2’s article published on 8 October 2021, “Is this right? Ministry official suggests to worker that he should overstay”.


Our officer provided information about the penalty imposed on employers who allow their workers to overstay. The officer had also stated that workers should return to their home countries, pending renewal of their application.


MOM will not accept a work pass application for a worker whom we know is an overstayer. We take overstaying offences seriously, and errant employers and applicants would face penalties such as composition fines. 


After reviewing the matter, we recognise that our officer may not have clearly communicated MOM’s position through the course of the conversation. We have since counselled our officer.


In the same article, TWC2 provided feedback on allowing work pass holders of employers who defaulted on their levies time to find new employers. MOM is prepared to exercise flexibility to extend the Short-Term Visit Pass (STVP), for example if there was a request from the new employer. In this instance, regarding the case of the S Pass holder, MOM did not receive such a request. In addition, since September 2021, MOM may grant S Pass holders in such situations a STVP of up to 89 days, up from one month previously, to source for new employment.