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MOM offered help with upkeep to foreign worker assisting with investigations

A misleading TWC2 article alleged that Sarkar Debabrata, who came to work in Singapore as an S-Pass holder, was made to remain in the country by MOM to assist in investigations, denied upkeep assistance and could not find a job because of MOM’s “poor” policies. These are our clarifications to the inaccuracies.

Claim 1: Sarkar was unable to secure a job because of MOM’s policies
Fact: Sarkar had multiple job offers but of his own volition rejected most of them. TWC2’s claim that employers had no incentive to offer him a job is therefore untrue.
Sarkar applied for a construction job in February 2017. However, he had wrongfully declared that he had the necessary trade certificates and was thus rejected.
Sarkar did not contact MOM for other jobs under MOM’s Temporary Job Scheme but we had proactively approached him again to help with his job search later in the year. Through the ministry’s appointed employment agency, he was offered jobs in air-con servicing, dormitory servicing and manufacturing. Yet he did not take up the offers and was not contactable for a while. In our latest engagement with Sarkar in January 2018, he informed that he was offered a job in December 2017 but had turned it down as the pay was unsatisfactory.

Claim 2: MOM had no regard for his upkeep while Sarkar was assisting with investigations
Fact: Even though Sarkar was an S-Pass holder, MOM had offered to assist him with food and accommodation but he had declined the offer twice.
In fact, when MOM contacted Sarkar to clarify the points raised in TWC2’s article, Sarkar denied telling TWC2 that he needed to pay for his own food and accommodation. He was aware that he could approach MOM should he require help but had not done so as his friend was supporting him.

It is also untrue that MOM had told Sarkar that we could not advise on when his case would be heard in court. The fact was that Sarkar did not approach MOM at all to check on the status of his case.

Only key witnesses, such as Sarkar in this instance, are required to remain in Singapore till the case is concluded. MOM ensures that all investigations are conducted expeditiously.

We continue to remind TWC2 to be responsible in their advocacy and not to give slanted accounts of cases, which are not helpful to the foreign workers they wish to assist.

Foreign workers with salary or well-being issues can contact MOM for help at +65 6438 5122 or, the Migrant Workers’ Centre at +65 6536 2692, or their respective embassies/high commissions.

Members of the public who have information on foreign workers who need help, or on errant employers, should also report them to MOM at +65 6438 5122 or All information will be kept strictly confidential.