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Inaccuracies in TWC2’s article on injured worker

TWC2 posted an article “Hosen Khalilur had to fork out $3,500 in rent” on its website on 8 November 2017. The article reported that the employer of the injured worker (Hosen Khalilur) had made it difficult for him to remain in the company’s accommodation, and had occasionally hit him. It further suggested that the claims process was unduly stretched for 15 months.

We have investigated the case. These allegations were untrue.

What actually happened

Hosen’s injury needed time to stabilise before his claim could be resolved
Hosen had suffered a back injury with prolapsed intervertebral disc and had to undergo medical treatments. The doctor could only assessed the extent of permanent incapacitation after the injury stabilised. There was no undue delay by MOM in processing his claim. In fact, Hosen’s claim was already settled in August 2017, over two months before the article was published.

Hosen had moved out of his own accord
The article claimed that Hosen moved out of the company’s accommodation because his employer had made it difficult for him to continue staying there, and had occasionally hit him. In a signed statement to MOM, Hosen indicated he had moved out of the company accommodation because he preferred to stay with his friends. Hosen also did not inform MOM about being hit or make any police reports about it at any time.

TWC2 continues to publish inaccurate and one-sided accounts without verifying details of the case, even though channels to do so are available to them. This is not truthful advocacy. If TWC2 wishes to help injured workers in aggrieved situations, they should immediately refer such cases to MOM. We will investigate and take the necessary actions.

Foreign workers on Special Passes should not work as they need to recover from their injuries
We disallow injured foreign workers on Special Passes to work for their own safety and those around them. Injured workers should not work as they need time to recover from their injuries. There is also no ambiguity in the law. Employers are required to pay medical leave wages, medical expenses and provide adequate food and proper accommodation to the injured worker even if they have cancelled the work permit.

Injured foreign workers who need help with upkeep or accommodation issues can call MOM at +65 6438 5122 or email, or the Migrant Workers’ Centre at +65 6536 2692.