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No loophole in MOM’s Employment Agencies Framework

The Online Citizen wrote that Reliable Link Services, an employment agency (EA) currently under MOM’s surveillance, was allowed to set up a new EA in the same premises. The allegation in the article that there is a loophole in MOM’s EA framework is untrue.

Reliable Link Services had served out the penalties and is allowed to operate

Reliable Link Services was fined for engaging the services of an unlicensed agent in 2016 and was taken to task by MOM. Among the penalties meted out, it was issued 12 demerit points and placed under MOM’s surveillance. Mr Dai Jiadi, its Key Appointment Holder, had to re-take and pass the Certificate of Employment Intermediaries exam. The EA was allowed to continue operation with these conditions met.

Reliable Link Services and the second EA are separate legal entities

Mr Dai’s wife, Wen Fengduo, applied for an EA licence. Her EA met all licensing criteria and was granted the licence to operate. While her EA operates from the same location as Mr Dai, it is a separate legal entity and does not have a common director or staff performing employment agency work with Reliable Link Services. This was also confirmed when MOM inspected Ms Wen’s EA recently.

More than one EA may be allowed to operate at the same address, with conditions

EAs may apply to operate at the same address as other EAs for business reasons. Such applications may be allowed on a case-by-case basis, subject to conditions. For example, EAs must ensure there is no misrepresentation or cross-deployment of personnel between the EAs. We will also inspect the EAs to ensure strict compliance.

MOM will take action against errant EAs if there is evidence of any breach of laws. Members of the public who have any information on errant EA practices should report the matter to MOM at or call 6438 5122. All information will be kept strictly confidential.