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Use of Forklifts and Excavators as Lifting Machines

Requirements for excavators and forklifts to be use as lifting machine

Between February and April 2022, a total of 3 workers were killed in separate workplace accidents involving the unsafe use of forklifts. Two of the accidents involved forklifts lifting and transporting loads slung from the forks. In addition, MOM has been receiving feedbacks on the improper use of excavators to lift loads. 

Forklifts are designed with the intent to load and unload goods on their forks while excavators are designed as earth-moving construction machinery. Both forklifts and excavators are, in general, not intended for use as lifting machines to carry out lifting operations.

The MOM / OSHD / 2022-02 Safe use of excavators/forklifts as lifting machines circular serves as a reminder on the criteria to be met before any of the machinery may be used as lifting machines and the required training for operators. You can download the latest circular which will supersede the earlier Circular OSD/ ENG CIR / LE 2/03 – Registration of Excavators.

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