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Changes to WICA from 1 September 2020

WICA 2019 for faster claims, fairer compensation and fewer injuries.

The key changes taking effect from 1 September 2020 include:

  • Employers must report any instances of leave arising from work injury, including light duties.
  • Claims are considered made when the employer is notified of the accident.
  • Compensations can be based on a multiple of basic monthly salary.
  • Compensation can be based on current incapacity assessment.
  • Employers are liable to compensate for shortfall in earnings when their employees are on light duties.
  • MOM may allow for doctor-switching for current or permanent incapacity assessment.
  • Greater recourse for employers to recover compensation paid out on basis of error or fraud.
  • Increased penalties for offences.

More info on changes to WICA in 2020.

Audit for Worker’s Fund

In addition, MOM has considered and agreed with AGO’s recommendation to regularise the requirement for audit for the Worker’s Fund to be consistent with that of other similar trust funds in the Government.

The AGO will audit the accounts of the Worker’s Fund as part of its annual audit of the Government Financial Statements, rather than as a standalone financial statements audit of the Worker’s Fund.