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Upcoming Cluster Operations (COPS) to check on WSH Compliance

Operation Period: Mid Nov to End Dec 2014

MOM will be conducting enforcement inspections of factories located at the western part of Singapore (as highlighted in pink below) to check for compliance under the WSH Act.

Cluster Operations for November 2014

Besides verifying the effective implementation of risk management for the various work activities, the focus of the inspections will also cover the following:

Safe Use Of Machinery

  • Guarding / fencing of dangerous parts
  • Lock-Out Tag-Out (LOTO) procedures
  • Safe operation and maintenance of forklifts

Storage and Handling of Materials and Workplace Traffic Management

  • Safe loading / unloading of materials
  • Stability of stored materials
  • Workplace traffic safety management plan
  • Provision of designated pedestrian walkways, away from traffic movement

Lifting Operations

  • Mandatory testing and examination of lifting equipment by Authorised Examiners
  • Periodic maintenance of lifting equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Lifting Plan
  • Mandatory safety training for personnel involved in lifting operations

Management of Hazardous Substances

  • Proper storage areas
  • Monitoring and control of workers’ exposures to hazardous substances
  • Provision of Safety Data Sheet (SDS), warning notices / labels and PPEs
  • Statutory medical examinations

Hearing Conservation

  • Monitoring and control of workers’ exposures to excessive noise
  • Provision of warning notices and PPEs
  • Statutory medical examinations

Guidance Materials on WSH

Occupiers may refer to the following Codes of Practices / guides which are available at the Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) website for reference.

Risk Management

  • WSH Code of Practice on Workplace Safety and Health Risk Management

Working at Heights

  • WSH Code of Practice for Working Safely at Heights
  • WSH Guidelines – Personal Protective Equipment for Work at Heights
  • WSH Guidelines – Anchorage, Lifelines & Edge Protection
  • A-Ladder guidebook

Safe Lifting Operations

  • WSH Code of Practice for Safe Lifting Operations in the Workplaces

Storage and Loading/Unloading of Materials, and Workplace Traffic

  • WSH Guidelines – Workplace Traffic Safety Management
  • WSH Guidelines – Safe Loading on Vehicles
  • WSH Guidelines – Safe Operation of Forklift Trucks
  • WSH Guidelines – Safeguarding Against Falling Objects

Management of Hazardous Substances

  • WSH Guidelines – Management of Hazardous Chemicals Programme
  • WSH Guidelines – Laboratories Handling Chemicals

Hearing Conservation

  • WSH Guidelines – Hearing Conservation Programme

Occupiers can also procure the relevant Singapore Standards from SPRING Singapore for their reference such as Code of Practice for Factory layout - Safety, health and welfare considerations, Code of Practice for Safe use of machinery, and Code of Practice for Energy lock-out and tag-out.