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Sneak peeks into our NEW beta web pages!

Four new beta web-pages! Let's have your comments

Update: Thank you for all your feedback. We have currently stopped these betas, but please do check out our latest beta.

For a few months now, we've been rolling out sneak peeks into our new website, in the form of beta web-pages. Your feedback has been growing and are so positive, that this time, we're launching FOUR beta web-pages!

Want to know more about Work Permits? Looking up on Salary? Or need information on Hours of Work, Overtime and Rest Days? Check out our new beta web-pages, as they will only be here until 12 Dec 2014.

Also, as of 21 Nov, we have added Workplace safety and health training beta! Do check this out as well before we bring it down on 19 Dec 2014.

We look forward to receiving even more of your feedback for these. Everything goes into creating a better website for you!