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Weekly rest day for foreign domestic workers

Flexibility to compensate worker with pay

MOM will require a weekly rest day for FDWs, while providing employers the flexibility to compensate their FDWs with extra pay if the FDW agrees to work on their rest day. The new weekly rest day requirement will apply to FDWs whose work permits are issued or renewed from 1 Jan 2013. Key changes include:

  1. All FDWs are entitled to one rest day every week. Employers and their FDW will be given flexibility to mutually agree on which day of the week the rest day falls.
  2. If the employer would like his FDW to work on her rest day, he should come to a mutual agreement with the FDW on the number of rest days to forgo each month. For each rest day forgone, the FDW shall be compensated with at least one day’s wage on top of her monthly salary;
  3. Instead of monetary compensation for a rest day forgone, employers can also give FDWs a replacement rest day which shall fall within the same month as the rest day forgone.
  4. Transitional arrangements will be in place to give employers time to adjust:
    • The weekly rest day requirement is planned to take effect for all Work Permits issued or renewed from 1 Jan 2013;
    • FDWs with Work Permits issued or renewed before 1 Jan 2013 are not covered by the new regulation and will be allowed to continue with any existing arrangements, until the Work Permit expires.

For more information, please refer to our press release and FAQs.