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New Service Literacy Test for Work Permit Holders

English proficiency now a requirement for skilled levy status

Starting 1 July 2010, non-Malaysian work permit holders in the following industries must pass an English language proficiency test before they qualify for skilled levy status, in addition to existing requirements such as requisite academic and skills qualifications:

  • retail
  • hotel
  • food & beverage

Employers with the following groups of work permit holders will be eligible to register for the Service Literacy Test:

  1. Existing skilled work permit holders whose work permits are expiring within two months;
  2. New work permit holders who have been issued work permits after meeting all the other requirements for skilled levy status

If work permit holders under your employ meet the above criteria, you will be notified by MOM through renewal notices or In-Principle Approval letters.

Find out more about the Service Literacy Test on the WDA website. To register for the test online, visit the English Test Centre website.