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Why do I need to submit a declaration on the mode of salary payment to dorm-based workers

Since April 2020, employers are required to pay salaries electronically to their migrant workers residing in dormitories, such as through GIRO or direct bank transfer.

To ensure compliance, MOM requires employers of migrant workers residing in dormitories to submit a declaration:

Declaration on status of salary payment and salary e-payment to migrant workers residing in dormitories

You must make an online declaration on the following:

  • Whether you have migrant workers residing in dormitories and their mode of salary payment.
  • Whether there are any salary arrears.

Submit your declaration by 11.59pm, 15 February 2023 (Wednesday).

Dormitories refer to:

  • Purpose-Built Dormitories
  • Factory-Converted Dormitories
  • Construction Temporary Quarters
  • Temporary Living Quarters