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What is the Household Services Scheme?

The Household Services Scheme (HSS) allows companies to hire more migrant workers to provide part-time domestic services, such as home cleaning, grocery shopping, car-washing and pet-sitting.

Difference between engaging a migrant domestic worker and the services of an HSS company.

Migrant domestic workers live with their employers, and can only work for them. 

Workers from HSS companies can be deployed to multiple houses on a part-time basis to provide select household services. They also do not live in the houses that they work at.

Families who need household services on an ad-hoc basis can engage the service of a HSS company, instead of hiring a full-time live-in migrant domestic worker.

To get part-time help with household chores

You can contact any of these HSS companies.

Companies keen to be part of HSS

Companies providing household services can email us at to be considered for the HSS. If approved, your company will be eligible for the following:

Pilot programme for the expansion of HSS services

To give households more options to meet their needs for domestic services, we will be introducing a pilot programme to expand the scope of HSS services to include basic child-minding and elder-minding services for selected HSS companies.

We have conducted a briefing session for companies interested to apply for the expanded HSS pilot programme. More details will be announced in due course.