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How long are employers debarred from hiring migrant workers for the various offences?

Each case is assessed on its own merits and the period for which employers are debarred from hiring migrant workers is based on the severity of the offences committed.

Individual employers will be informed of the period for which they are debarred.

In general, an employer will be debarred from hiring migrant workers for committing offences such as:

  • Physical or psychological abuse of workers.
  • Deliberately attempting to cover up fatal or serious accidents, e.g. removing the injured or deceased from the scene of accident.
  • Repeated convictions under the Workplace Safety and Health Act (WSHA) for accidents that have resulted in fatalities (under section 51 of the WSHA).
  • Deliberately defying a Stop Work Order and allowing workers to continue working without rectifying unsafe working conditions.
  • Illegally employing or deploying migrant workers.
  • Exploiting migrant workers, e.g. failing to pay workers' salary or failing to provide basic employment benefits under the Employment Act, such as annual leave, public holiday and rest day.
  • Committing fraud to obtain work passes which would otherwise not have been issued e.g. forging educational certificates or deliberately falsifying information.