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What is the pilot programme to facilitate the entry of MDWs?

The pilot programme is an industry-led initiative to facilitate the entry of migrant domestic workers (MDWs) safely through additional safe management measures overseas.

At its onset, the pilot was led by the Association of Employment Agencies (Singapore) (AEA(S)) and a few employment agencies (EAs). The pilot has shown to be effective at reducing the risk of COVID-19 importation. AEA(S) and its partner EAs, together with other companies that have come forward to express interest in the programme, are scaling up and setting up operations overseas.

For EAs and employers that are keen to enrol

Other than the programme coordinated by AEA(S), some other EAs and service providers listed below have submitted proposals to run similar pilot programmes, and MOM has no objections.

EAs and employers who are interested to bring in MDWs through the pilot programme can contact AEA(S) and these service providers directly: