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How do I pay my migrant worker’s levy if my GIRO application has not been approved?

You should pay using Check and pay levy by the 17thof each month

How to pay using PayNow QR in Check and pay levy:

  1. Log in to Check and pay levy. Select 'PayNow' as payment mode and a QR code will be generated.

    Note: Please re-generate a new QR code for each new transaction. Do not use QR codes that were previously generated from past transactions.
  2. Open your mobile banking app on your mobile device and scan the QR code.

    Note: If you are viewing this QR code from your mobile device, save the QR code and import the image when paying through your mobile banking app.
  3. Check the details of the fund transfer. Make sure you see 'Ministry of Manpower' as the registered payee before submitting your request.

    Note: Please do not edit any transaction details in your banking or payment app during payment, except for the payment amount.

If you have successfully paid using PayNow, you can immediately see the transaction on your mobile banking app. The payment details will be reflected in Check and pay levy in 3 working days.

Refer to the following banks on how to use PayNow:

If you do not have access to Check and pay levy, you can:

  • [For employers of helpers] Ask your family member to apply to act on your behalf to pay levy. After applying, they can pay levy on your behalf using PayNow QR in Check and pay levy.
  • [For business employers] 
    1. Register for a WP Online or EP eService account via Work Pass Account Registration (WPAR).
    2. Ask your company's Corppass admin to grant you access to the following eServices:
      • Check and pay levy
      • Work Permit Online (WPOL) or Employment Pass (EP) eService