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How do my spouse and I apply for shared parental leave?

The application process is as follows: 

  1. Before your child is born, you and your spouse should decide on your leave arrangements.
  2. If you decide to share, notify your respective employers in advance.
  3. The mother will need to register the decision to allocate shared parental leave to the father on the Shared Parental Leave Allocation System available on the Profamily Leave website (
  4. Once registered, the system will enable the mother to print out a confirmation letter.
  5. A copy of this letter should be handed to your respective employers when you apply for Government-Paid Maternity Leave or shared parental leave. You can proceed to take shared parental leave in accordance with your company’s leave taking procedures.
Parents should carefully consider their allocation of shared parental leave before registering it, as changes are not allowed.

Please visit for more details on the application process.