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What are the basic features of ConSASS?

ConSASS stands for Construction Safety Audit Scoring System. Central to ConSASS are the audit checklist and scorecard, which are used to evaluate the effectiveness and maturity level of the company's occupational safety and health management system (SHMS).

The audit checklist is derived from audit questionnaires from numerous codes and standards. It provides auditors with the convenience of using this one checklist to fulfil the primary function of assessing the company's SHMS, as well as to audit for SS 506 Part 1 certification or regulatory compliance for construction worksites with contract sum of $30 million or more.

The scorecard is a 'final report card' which will tabulate the results obtained from the different SHMS elements audited. It allows for quick and easy visualisation of the maturity of the different elements in the SHMS. Thus, it gives company management or responsible personnel an idea of how to allocate resources to strengthen weak areas or elements in the system.