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Why is MOM updating the S Pass qualifying salaries and levy?

MOM wants to ensure that future S Pass holders are comparable in quality to the top one-third of our local Associate Professionals and Technicians (ATP) workforce.  

The cost of hiring an S Pass holder (which includes both the qualifying salary and levy will be benchmarked to the top one-third of local APT wages. This ensures that S Pass holders are hired because they fill skills gaps, and not simply because they are cheaper than locals.

During COS 2022, MOM announced that we will be phasing in the changes to the qualifying salaries and levy over three steps to allow businesses reasonable time to make adjustments. 
The first two steps have been taken on 1 September 2022 and 1 September 2023 for new S Pass applications, and the remaining step will be taken on 1 September 2025.
Full details on upcoming S Pass changes can be found on MOM’s website.   

The S Pass criteria will be reviewed as part of MOM’s regular updates to ensure they keep pace with local wage growth.