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How should I count the number of days of MC for an injured employee?

As an employer, for accidents that happened before 1 September 2020, you need to report a work-related accident when the injured employee is given 4 days of medical leave, consecutive or otherwise, due to single work-related accident.

You should count the calendar days of medical leave, even if the medical leave period extends over any public holiday, rest day or non-working day. When filing the incident report, use the total number of days of medical leave granted as a result of the single work-related accident. Light duties will not be considered as medical leave.

All work-related accidents must be reported to MOM within 10 days of accident or diagnosis, or from the 4th day of medical leave, whichever applies.

Refer to the table below for examples:

Scenario Required to report When to report Number of days of MC to be filled in incident report
MC granted for 3 to 4 Feb (Mon to Tue).
Work on 5 Feb (Wed).
Given further 2 days MC for 6 to 7 Feb (Thu to Fri).
(4 days of MC consecutive or otherwise.)
Report within 10 days from 7 Feb (i.e. by 16 Feb). 2 + 2 = 4 days
MC granted for 3 Feb (Mon).
Went for medical follow-up and given further MC for 7 to 10 Mar (Fri to Mon).
Sunday is a rest day.
(5 days of MC consecutive or otherwise.)
Report within 10 days from 9 Mar (i.e. by 18 Mar). 1 + 4 = 5 days