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Who are exempted from re-employment?

There are several types of employees who are exempted from re-employment. They include:

  • Public officers in:
    • Police Service
    • Prisons Service
    • Narcotics Service
    • Civil Defence Service
    • Corrupt Practices Investigation (Junior) Service
    • Corrupt Practices Investigation (Senior) Service
  • Persons enlisted for regular service in the Singapore Armed Forces.
  • Auxiliary police officers.
  • Public officers and statutory board employees eligible for benefits under the Pensions Act.
  • Cabin crew on board commercial aircrafts.
  • Employees working 20 hours per week or less.
  • Employees on fixed term contracts for specific projects, where the expectation is that employment will cease when the project ends.
  • Employees who were first employed after age 55, and have served the company for less than 2 years.