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Do I need to engage an asbestos contractor to clean asbestos roof or paint over asbestos materials?

No. You don’t need to engage an Approved Asbestos-Removal Contractor (AARC) to clean asbestos roof or paint over asbestos materials.

However, as such work will disturb the asbestos materials, contractors carrying out the work are required to:

  • Include asbestos hazard in their risk assessment.
  • Ensure workers are trained on asbestos hazard.
  • Provide workers with respiratory protection.
  • Prepare safe work procedure to include measures to minimize the release or spread of asbestos.
  • Prepare contingency plan if asbestos materials are broken during the course of work.

If you are not sure, you can engage an AARC to carry out such work.

Last Updated: 19 June 2019