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How do I share the harm footprints, 20kW/m², 4kW/m², 2psi, Lower Flammability Limit (LFL) if my latest approved Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) does not have these footprints?

If your existing and approved QRA was conducted in accordance with the previous QRA guidelines, it may not have the harm footprints listed.

In this case, you could conduct a simplified QRA to understand the risk and harm footprints better.

Alternatively, you could use the following estimations for the footprints:

  • 20kW/m20.8 X distance of the 4kW/m2 footprint
  • 2psi – 0.6 X distance of the 1psi footprint

For tank overfilling scenarios, use 400 metres as the consequence distance, as stipulated in the revised QRA guidelines.

You will need to revise the 20kW/m2 and 2psi harm footprints using actual consequence modelling on your next QRA revision i.e. when there is plant expansion or major modifications.