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What penalties can MOM impose if employers do not follow MOM’s guidelines?

Under the Workplace Safety & Health Act (WSH Act), employers have a duty to protect their employees’ safety and health at work.

In situations where haze poses risk to the safety and health of workers and measures have not been taken to mitigate those risks, either by adopting measures suggested in the advisory or other alternative mitigation measures, MOM may order the affected work to stop. If any person (individual or corporate bodies) subsequently fails to comply with a stop work order, under the WSH Act he shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $500,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or to both.

Our inspectors will be looking out for employers who disregard the safety and health of their workers, especially those performing strenuous and prolonged outdoor work.

Last Updated: 16 September 2015