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What are the fees payable in an appeal for infringements under EFMA?

You need to pay a non-refundable filing fee of $500 to file the Notice of Appeal.

Payment modes Details

Unique Entity Number (UEN): T08GA0019C2L1


Scan the QR code:


Internet Bank Transfer DBS bank account number: 072-012539-8

Check the details of the fund transfer. Make sure you see “LEGAL SERVICES DIVISION/AG” as the registered payee before submitting your request.

When making payment, please key in your case reference number (e.g. FMMD/IP/202100/00123) in the comments field for us to identify your case.

Should the matter go for hearing, the applicant will also need to pay:

  • A hearing fee of $500 for the hearing of an appeal
  • A fee of $5 per page for a copy of the Record of Proceedings (i.e. grounds of Commissioner’s decision and transcript of any inquiry).

The payment details for the fees will be provided to you.

Application for waivers

In exceptional cases, the Appeal Board has power to consider an applicant’s request to waive the administrative or hearing fees.