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How can I file an appeal to the Appeal Board if I disagree with the Determination or Direction?

To file an appeal:

  1. Print and complete the Notice of Appeal form.
  2. Pay a filing fee $500 for each appeal. You need to make payment before you submit your appeal.
  3. Mail the hardcopy form, including any supporting documents to:

    Secretary to the Appeal Board
    c/o Legal Services Division, Ministry of Manpower
    18 Havelock Road #04-01
    Singapore 059764

Both the Notice of Appeal and payment of the filing fee must be made within 14 days after receiving the determination or direction.

The Secretary to the Appeal Board will contact you within 1 week to confirm that we have received your appeal.

The Secretary of the Appeal Board will keep you updated on the progress of your appeal, including any further instructions or additional documents you have to provide.