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Who can use Safe@Dorm?Show

You can access Safe@Dorm if you are a dormitory operator.

What do I need before I can use Safe@Dorm?Show

You need a Corppass to log in. Apply for a Corppass if you don’t have one.

Your Corppass administrator’s duties

Your Corppass administrator or sub-administrator must assign your Corppass account:

  1. Log in to Corppass.
  2. Go to the eService Access tab.
  3. Choose MOM ACE Digital Services Corppass as one of your company’s eServices.
  4. Assign MOM ACE Digital Services Corppass to your Corppass account.

For existing Safe@Dorm users, you will need to add a new e-service ID “MOM ACE Digital Service Corppass” in order to log in to the portal. Refer to the step-by-step user guide for more details.

How do I know if my residents can leave their residence for work?Show

You can use Safe@Dorm to check if your residents’ AccessCode status, which indicates whether they are permitted to work.

The status of your residents' Accesscode takes into account 3 broad parameters:

  • Resident's vaccination status
  • Resident's health (i.e. health code)
  • Resident's residential address
  • Whether their company or workers are permitted to resume work

They are only permitted to leave the dormitory for work if their AccessCode status is “Green”.

If resident's AccessCode status is “Red”, they are not permitted to leave for work.

My resident's AccessCode details show a “Red” status for “COVID-19 infection”. What does it mean?Show

Your resident's “Red” AccessCode may be due to:

  • Active COVID
    Your resident is confirmed to be infected with COVID-19. You should advise them to wear a mask and avoid close contact with others. A healthcare professional or government officer will contact your resident shortly.
  • Require re-test. This is being arranged
    A re-test will be arranged for your resident. You should advise them to wear a mask and avoid close contact with others while waiting for the re-test.
  • Missed swab, cannot work
    Your resident has missed their rostered routine testing (FET-RRT) appointment. You should inform your resident to perform their FET-RRT immediately.
  • Pending re-test result
    The result of the swab re-test is not available yet. You should advise them to wear a mask and avoid close contact with others while waiting for the re-test.

Your resident is not allowed to go out in any the above situations.

My resident's AccessCode details show instructions for corrective action under “Place of stay”. What does this mean?Show

You need to make corrections based on the instructions:

  • Resident did not scan room QR code daily. Remind resident to scan.
    Our records show that your resident has not been scanning the room QR code daily. Ask your resident to scan the QR code in their room using FWMOMCare every day.
  • Dormitory Operator and resident reported different addresses. Update immediately.

    Either the address in Tenant Management System (TMS) or the QR code which your resident is scanning is incorrect. You should update the resident nominal roll in TMS or check and reprint the QR code.

    For workers in Centralised Recovery Facility (CRF)

    If your residents had scanned the QR code at a CRF, they can ignore the instruction to update the address. After they have been discharged from the facility, they must scan the QR code in their dormitory room upon their return.

Why is my resident's AccessCode showing as “Red”?Show

You can use Safe@Dorm to find out why their AccessCode status is “Red” (i.e. cannot go out for work). Some of the reasons are:

  • Resident's health status is not cleared.
  • Resident's has been tested positive for COVID-19 and not recovered.
  • Resident's is on Movement Restriction Order.
  • QR code address and dormitory records do not match.

Why can't I find some of my residents in Safe@Dorm?Show

Safe@Dorm only shows Work Permit, S Pass and Employment Pass holders with valid work passes residing (i.e. registered) at your dormitory based on Tenant Management System (TMS).

Work passes with the following status will not be shown:

  • Cancelled
  • Expired
  • Revoked
  • Not issued

Work passes not issued by MOM will not be shown in Safe@Dorm.

You should log in to TMS to verify your nominal roll.

After you have submitted your resident details, you can log in to Safe@Dorm to check the updated details.

Why are workers who don't stay at my dormitory showing up in my list?Show

Your residents' details were extracted from the DormWatch Tenant Management System (TMS).

You should log in to Safe@Dorm to check any residents who are not residing at your dormitory.

If you still receive the same error, you can email

What should I do if I don't see the option to view my residents' AccessCode?Show

Safe@Dorm may be undergoing maintenance.