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About trade unions

Trade unions in Singapore are regulated in accordance to the Trade Unions Act and other related legislation administered by the Registry of Trade Unions. You can find the list of trade unions in the trade union directory.

About the Registry of Trade Unions

The Registry of Trade Unions ensures the administration of responsible trade unions in Singapore through the Trade Unions Act and other related legislation and engagements efforts.

Contact the Registry of Trade Unions by phone at 6438 5122 or by email at

What is a trade union

A trade union is any association of workers or employers whose main aim is to regulate relations between employers and workmen for any of the following purposes:

  • To promote good industrial relations between workers and employers.
  • To improve the working conditions, as well as the economic and social status of workers.
  • To increase productivity for the benefit of workmen, employers and the economy of Singapore.


Trade unions in Singapore come under the following legislation:

Trade Unions Act (Cap 333), Trade Unions Regulations

The Trade Unions Act and its Regulations regulate the activities of trade unions, including the proper management of union affairs, safe custody of funds and the free election of union officers.

Trade Disputes Act (Cap 331)

The Trade Disputes Act regulates the conduct of industrial action and lock-outs.

Part III of the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act (Cap 67)

This section of the Criminal Law Act makes temporary provisions for the prevention of strikes and lock-outs in essential services.

Singapore Labour Foundation Act (Cap 302)

The Singapore Labour Foundation Act improves the welfare of trade union members and their families, and further develops Singapore’s trade union movement.

COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Alternative Arrangement for Meetings for Trade Unions) (Amendment) Order 2020

The temporary COVID-19 Order 2020 prescribing the alternative arrangements for meetings conducted by Trade Unions has been extended beyond 30 June 2021.


Trade union directory

Use the trade union directory to find out which trade unions represent your industry or occupation.

Trade union statistics and publications

View statistics on labour relations and trade unions in Singapore, including trade disputes, industrial stoppages, union representation and collective agreements.

Trade union eServices and forms

Access online services and forms for trade union applications, notifications and updates.