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Silver Support Scheme

The Silver Support Scheme provides additional support for elderly Singaporeans who had low incomes during their working years and now have less in their retirement. There is no need to apply for Silver Support.

Who qualifies

To be eligible for Silver Support, you must be a Singapore citizen aged 65 and above, and must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Contributed not more than $140,000 to your CPF by age 55. If self-employed, earned not more than $27,600 between ages 45 and 54.
  • Live in a 5-room or smaller HDB flat.
  • You or your spouse do not own a 5-room or larger HDB flat, private property, or multiple properties.
  • Your household earns not more than $1,800 per person.

All Singaporeans aged 65 and above will be automatically assessed for their eligibility to receive Silver Support payouts.

No application is needed.

How much you can get

From January 2021, eligible seniors will receive Silver Support payouts according to:

  • The type of HDB flat they live in.
  • Their household monthly income per person.
HDB flat type Payout per quarter
Household earns ≤ $1,300 per person Household earns $1,301-$1,800 per person
1-room and 2-room $900 $450
3-room $720 $360
4-room $540 $270
(live in, but not owned)
$360 $180

ComCare Long Term Assistance Scheme

If you are aged 65 and above, and on the ComCare Long-Term Assistance Scheme, you will receive a Silver Support payout of $360 per quarter, regardless of your flat type.

The Silver Support payout supplements the monthly cash assistance provided by the ComCare Scheme, which covers your daily living expenses.

ComCare Long Term Assistance beneficiaries also get:

  • Medical assistance at polyclinics and government / restructured hospitals.
  • Free or highly subsidised access to social support services (e.g. home help, senior activity centres and day activity funded by the government).

Payout schedule

If you qualify, you will receive Silver Support payouts according to the following schedule:

Payout date For period
31 December of the preceding year January - March
31 March April - June
30 June July - September
30 September October - December

Notification of eligibility

Eligibility for Silver Support will be assessed automatically on an annual basis. Those eligible will receive a notification letter in December of the preceding year. Eligible seniors will start receiving their Silver Support in the quarter in which they turn 65.

How to receive Silver Support payout

Eligible elderly can receive their payouts in three ways:

If you How to receive the payout
Have a PayNow account linked to your NRIC Cash automatically credited into the PayNow-NRIC linked bank account.
Don't have a PayNow account linked to your NRIC but have previously provided your DBS/POSB, OCBC or UOB bank account number to the Government Cash automatically credited to the known bank account.
Don't have a PayNow account linked to your NRIC and have not provided a bank account to the Government Cash will be credited to you via GovCash.

Find out more

For more information, you can:

If you face financial difficulties, you can approach your nearest Social Service Office for help.