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HR Industry Transformation Plan

The HR Industry Transformation Plan provides a 5-year roadmap to strengthen the HR profession and practices in Singapore, which are critical for businesses to stay competitive and develop a future-ready workforce.

Why was the HR Industry Transformation Plan (HR ITP) developed

Shifts in economic and social centres of gravity, demographic changes and rapid technological advancements are changing the way businesses function and compete, and the way people work.

Accelerating the pace of HR industry transformation will better support and enable the evolving needs and aspirations of our businesses and workforce to be met. A strong HR industry ultimately promotes growth and contributes to creation of good jobs for Singaporeans.

The HR ITP aims to strengthen HR capabilities and leadership, and evolve the role of HR professionals to be strategic enablers of industry transformation, as outlined in the refreshed Industry and Jobs Transformation Maps.

What does the HR Industry Transformation Plan cover

The HR ITP builds on two key thrusts of the 2020 HR Transformation Advisory Panel recommendations, which are:

To build HR capabilities for sector and enterprise transformation through:

  • Digitalising HR
  • Building strategic HR capabilities
  • Implementing progressive practices

To uplift HR professionals with relevant skills and mindset through:

  • Developing future-ready skills
  • Professionalising HR practices
  • Strengthening local HR leadership capabilities

How HR professionals and employers can benefit

Employers can benefit from the enhanced HR capabilities and support to grow their businesses and improve workforce performance.

Digitalise your HR

Implement digital technologies through:

Build strategic HR capabilities

Initiatives and tools for employers include:

  • Workforce Insights Tool for benchmarking insights to help your organisation with workforce planning and hiring decisions.
  • Human Capital Diagnostic Tool for evaluating your organisation’s human capital maturity and identifying development opportunities.
  • Transformation for Growth (T4G) SME workshops for tips on how to kick-start HR transformation to support business growth.
  • For employers looking to undergo job redesign, the Job Redesign Centre of Excellence offers resources in areas of thought leadership, capability development, and implementing job redesign.
  • Human Resources Job Redesign Initiative (HR-JR) for redesigning HR jobs to better support business goals. Receive funding support through the Job Redesign under Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG-JR) for job redesign related consultancy costs.

Implement progressive practices

These resources can help employers build a fairer and more progressive workplace.

HR professionals will have more opportunities to strengthen the capabilities of their organisation and employees.

Become a certified HR practitioner

An IHRP Certification recognises your competencies and commitment to continuing professional development, and provides access to IHRP’s network and resources for HR professionals.

Build future-ready skills

  • The Career Conversion Programme (CCP) for Human Capital provides training and salary support for HR professionals looking to upskill, and facilitates their mid-career conversions into strategic roles.
  • IHRP as Skills Development Partner for HR will work with industry to identify priority skills, enable enterprise transformation and job redesign through skills development and recognise employees’ skills.
  • IHRP Skills Badges affirms your skills in emerging HR areas and lets employers authenticate these competencies.

Opportunities to develop HR leadership

  • Connect with leaders through the HR Leaders Programme (HRLP) and gain exposure to real-world case studies.
  • Participate in the SG Leaders Network to meet and learn from like-minded leaders across industries.

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