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FAQs for vaccination requirements to hold MOM passes and enter Singapore

From 1 February 2022, pass holders (work pass holders, dependants and helpers) must fulfil the COVID-19 vaccination requirements to apply for, renew passes or enter Singapore.

Is the vaccination requirements mandatory for all MOM’s passes?Show

Yes. From 1 February 2022, all MOM pass holders are subjected to the vaccination requirements.

When does the employer or applicant upload their vaccination records?Show

At the point of pass application, employers will be required to make a declaration that their work pass holders and dependants are fully vaccinated upon arrival in Singapore. Pass holders are also required to submit or present their vaccination certificates as part of the verification process.
  • Pass holders without digitally-verifiable certificates will have to present their vaccination certificates to the airlines, ferry operators or at the checkpoint with all these details before boarding: 
  • Name (as stated on the passport)
  • At least 1 other personal identifier, e.g., date of birth or passport number
  • Country of vaccination
  • Name of vaccine used (if more than 1 dose, the name of each vaccine administered)
  • Vaccination date(s) (if more than 1 dose, the dates each dose was administered)

Note: Non-English vaccination certifications must be translated into English and notarised. Both original and translated vaccination documents are needed.

There is no need to upload the applicant’s vaccination certificate again on MOM’s work pass application system.

For pass holders with overseas vaccination certificates but are not considered “fully vaccinated”, will they be granted temporary vaccination status upon arrival in Singapore?Show

Yes, those with the following valid vaccination certificates will be granted temporary “fully vaccinated” status for 30 days.

  • Digitally-verifiable vaccination certificates (e.g. with a QR code)
    They need to upload the certificates with their SG Arrival Card submission.
  • All other types of vaccination certificates
    They need to present them to the immigration officer.

To remain “fully vaccinated” and fulfil MOM’s vaccination work pass conditions, pass holders need to take a booster dose within 270 days from their last dose in the primary vaccination series. Refer to the MOH FAQs for more details.

My pass holder is fully vaccinated, but not with a vaccine on the WHO EUL list. Can I submit a work pass application for them?Show

No. At the point of pass application, employers will be required to make a declaration that their work pass holders and dependants are fully vaccinated with a vaccine on the WHO EUL list upon arrival in Singapore.

Can my work pass holder who has recovered from COVID-19 enter Singapore?Show

What age groups are exempted from vaccination requirement?Show

Pass holders aged 17 years old and below (based on birth date) are exempted from vaccination requirements. However, pass holders aged 13 to 17 years old on date of arrival must fulfil the following:

  • Take the first vaccination dose in Singapore using a WHO EUL vaccine within 1 month of arrival.
  • Complete the full vaccination regime within 2 months of arrival.

My pass holder only has 2 doses of a WHO EUL vaccine when he/she entered Singapore. Does he/she need to take a booster dose in Singapore?Show

Pass holders are encouraged to take their booster shots as soon as they are eligible to remain “fully vaccinated” in Singapore. They can use the vaccination and booster calculator to check if they have completed their primary series vaccination and whether a booster dose is required.

Refer to the MOH FAQs for more details.

My employee is medically exempted from COVID-19 vaccination by doctors in their home country. Is that recognised and accepted by MOM? If so, what document is required for MOM to exempt them from the vaccination?Show

After the IPA is approved, you must submit an exemption request for the pass holders before they enter Singapore, and upload a doctor’s memo which must fulfil these requirements:
  • States pass holder’s medication condition
  • States reason why they cannot take any COVID-19 vaccination, regardless of the brand of vaccine used
  • Is clear and not handwritten
  • (Only applicable if memo is not in English) Is accompanied with an English-translated copy from a translation service provider and notarised.     
The pass holders need to undergo a medical review with a Singapore-registered doctor within 30 days upon arrival. If the Singapore-registered doctor does not exempt them, they must undergo the full vaccination regime within 2 months.

Will all overseas COVID-19 vaccination records be accepted into the National Immunisation Registry (NIR)?Show

COVID-19 vaccines on the WHO EUL list will be accepted into the NIR after the serology test result is positive. This test is to be taken at a Public Health Preparedness Clinic. You can also refer to their website for a list of clinics that may provide such tests.

I took my full vaccination overseas. When should I verify my vaccination records by?Show

Types of pass holders Duration given to verify vaccination records 

Workers who meet all of these conditions ("CMP workers"):

  • Employed in construction, marine shipyard or process (CMP) sector.
  • Hold Work Permit, Training Work Permit or S Pass, or in-principle approval for any of these 3 passes.
Within 7 days of arrival in Singapore (if SHN is not required) or completing SHN.

Example: If the worker completed SHN on 1 March, they must verify their vaccination records (i.e. take a serology test or visit a GP clinic to get their records accepted in the National Immunisation Registry (NIR) by 8 March).  
 All other pass holders  Within 30 days of arrival in Singapore

Pass holders with valid digitally-verifiable vaccination certificates may be exempted from serology testing for their vaccinations to be recognised. They must still visit a General Practitioner (GP) clinic within 7 days of arrival in Singapore or completing SHN, for the clinic to verify their certificates and update their vaccination records in the NIR. Refer to MOH’s website on the types of vaccination certificates which exempt pass holders from serology testing.

Please call the clinic to check if they offer serology tests or verification of vaccination records.

What type of COVID-19 serology test is used to verify my pass holder's vaccination status?Show

The serology test used should detect antibodies generated in response to the vaccine, or test for inactivated virus vaccine. Please refer to MOH website for more details.

Why is serology testing required before overseas COVID-19 vaccination records can be accepted into the National Immunisation Registry (NIR)?Show

The serology test is an additional means, on top of vaccination documentation, to confirm that a person has undergone effective vaccination.

What happens if the serology test result is positive or negative? What is the next step?Show

If the test result is:

  • Positive, the pass holder's vaccination record will be updated in the NIR by the clinic. Their vaccination status will be shown on HealthHub or TraceTogether app within 24 hours after the clinic has updated NIR of the overseas vaccination records. If not, please inform the clinic to check. 
  • Negative, this means that the pass holder's overseas vaccination was not effective and they may not be protected from COVID-19 infection. They need to complete the full vaccination regimen in Singapore within 2 months or their passes may be revoked.

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