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Advisory to migrant domestic worker employers on retrieval of Vaccination HealthCert for MDWs

Issued on 13 October 2021

  1. If your migrant domestic worker (MDW) is departing to her home country and she is fully vaccinated1, she may retrieve her Vaccination HealthCert through the Notarise website prior to departure.

    What are the benefits?
  2. The digital copy of the Vaccination HealthCert can facilitate inspection and verification by the relevant local and overseas border authorities. Without proof of her vaccination, she might be subject to longer quarantine period and additional testing in her home country.

    How can your MDW access Notarise?
  3. Your MDW can access Notarise by using her Singpass. If she does not have one, she can sign up for a free Singpass account. Remind your MDW to get her Vaccination HealthCert early as she will not be able to access Singpass after her work permit has expired or been cancelled. You may also wish to share the step-by-step guide to download the Vaccination HealthCert in native languages with your MDW.

    Are there alternatives?
  4. If she is unable to retrieve her Vaccination HealthCert, she will need to check with her home country if alternative proof of vaccination will be accepted. Some examples of alternative proof could include:
    • Print-screen of TraceTogether mobile application
    • Print-screen of HealthHub mobile application
    • Vaccination slips received at the vaccination centre after first and second dose
  5. The acceptance of these alternative proof for the purpose of entry is strictly subjected to the respective embassies' approval.
  6. For the latest information on post-vaccination matters, please refer to MOH's website. Thank you for supporting us in our fight against COVID-19.


  1. Received two doses of National Vaccination Programme vaccines for individuals who have never been infected with COVID-19, or one dose for recovered individuals.