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Work Permit (Foreign Worker) - Cancellation & Renewal

Cancellation of Work Permit

The employer will need to cancel the foreign worker's Work Permit in the following circumstances:

  • Upon termination of employment or resignation of the worker; or
  • On or before the Work Permit expires if the employer no longer wish to renew the Work Permit. (For non-Malaysians, the scheduled departure date must be within the next seven days).

What if I only need the worker to work for a short period beyond the expiry date?

You can request for an short extension of the Work Permit using the “Special Pass / Short Work Permit Extension” function in WP Online.

However, you must remember to cancel the Work Permit before the worker is sent home. The cancellation request should be submitted using WP Online, on or before the extended date.

How to cancel the Work Permit

If the employer wishes to cancel the foreign worker's Work Permit, the employer or authorised employment agent is required to submit a cancellation of Work Permit request through WP Online.

The employer has to ensure that all issues arising from the employment, including outstanding wages have been settled with the worker before the cancellation of Work Permit, failing which, the employer's future Work Permit applications may be rejected.

The employer or the authorised employment agency will be informed of the outcome through WP Online:

  • On the same working day if the request was submitted before 8pm (Monday to Friday) or before 2pm (Saturday)
  • On the next working day if the request was submitted after 8pm (Monday to Friday) or after 2pm (Saturday). Such requests will be considered as submissions on the next working day. The e-Cancellation service is not available on Sundays and Public Holidays.

More Information

WP Online also allows the cancellation of Work Permits that have expired, have been revoked or cancelled if the worker is to be sent home. Payment can also be made online for overstaying fine using the online credit card, internet direct debit or GIRO.

Exceptional cases

Cancellation of Work Permit through WP Online is not available for foreign worker who needs to remain in Singapore as required by MOM’s Foreign Manpower Management Division, Work Injury Compensation Branch and/or Labour Relations Department.

Please approach MOM Services Centre for assistance.

After cancellation of Work Permit

When the cancellation request submitted through WP Online has been approved, the employer or authorised employment agency has to:

  1. Print the cancellation acknowledgement letter (if applicable) and Special Pass (if applicable) through WP Online. The foreign worker has to surrender the Special Pass to the Immigration Checkpoint Officer at the point of departure if he/she returning to his/her home country. The Security Bond (if applicable) for the worker will be discharged after confirmation of the worker's departure.
  2. Return the original Work Permit card within seven days from the date of Work Permit cancellation by mailing it to the Work Pass Division, Ministry of Manpower, 18 Havelock Road, Singapore 059764.

The levy will be charged till the eve of the cancellation date of the Work Permit.

Last updated on 14 April 2014 05:49:37