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Employment Pass - After you apply

Rejections and Appeals

MOM has tightened the criteria for Employment Pass to raise the overall quality of our foreign workforce. Unfortunately, not every application will be successful.

If your applicant is rejected

If you are told that the application is rejected, our letter should give you the reasons why and advise on what to do next. Or you can look at the reasons on EP Online.


You can only appeal for the passes you applied for on your first application. For example, if you only applied for an Employment Pass originally, you cannot ask for an S Pass as well in your appeal. Please make a new application.

When to appeal

We consider each case carefully before we reject an application. Unless you can give us new information, there will be a very low chance of success.

  • Do not appeal unless you can rectify the issues in our rejection advice.
  • In some cases, your candidate may not qualify. Please reconsider their employment terms or look for another candidate. Make sure you get an indication that your candidate qualifies using the online Self-Assessment Tool (SAT).

Remember, the SAT and rejection advice would be comprehensive enough to give you a gauge whether or not to appeal. If you do appeal, we will look carefully at the new information you give us. Then make a fair and impartial decision.

Our MOM Contact Centre and counters will not be able to give further advice on rejections. MOM receives many appeals each day and our officers are unable to entertain requests to discuss appeals face to face. Should we need any clarifications when assessing an appeal, we will contact the employer.

Who can appeal?

Only the employer or his appointed agent who had submitted the application can make enquiries or appeal. We will not entertain enquiries or appeals from the candidate, or any other third party.

How to appeal?

Your appeal must be submitted electronically through EP Online within three months from the rejection.

How long does it take?

MOM takes extra care with appeals. Appeals take at least three weeks, and much longer if it is by hardcopy. You can log in to EP Online to check the status of both online and hardcopy appeals.

You can print the outcome letter through EP Online. Please do not contact us before a decision on your appeal is made.

Last updated on 27 October 2014 11:39:02