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First Executive Director Appointed for Workplace Safety & Health Institute

22 December 2011

  1. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has appointed Dr Jukka Takala as the first Executive Director (ED) of the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Institute as of 28 December 2011. The WSH Institute was established in April this year by MOM in partnership with WSH Council to build strong WSH capabilities in Singapore. The Institute aims to deepen stakeholders’ understanding of current and emerging work environments and processes. Using evidenced-based approach, it will determine the best ways to shape WSH, develop solutions and enhance WSH practices in Singapore.

    New ED to raise WSH capabilities and set strategic directions for WSH Institute
  2. Dr Takala brings with him more than 35 years of experience in the international WSH arena. He has made great strides in advancing WSH research and knowledge solutions in Europe. He was also a member of the MOM International Advisory Panel (IAP) for WSH from 2006 to 2011. (See Annex A). As the first Executive Director of the WSH Institute, Dr Takala will set strategic directions for the Institute in two areas: raising WSH capabilities in Singapore and supporting MOM and WSH Council in making informed WSH policies and programmes. He will also lead efforts in the delivery of quality applied research programmes, impactful continuing education initiatives for WSH professionals and business leaders as well as relevant information services for industry stakeholders to address new and emerging WSH issues. (See Annex B)
  3. On his appointment to the WSH Institute, Dr Takala said, “Singapore has made significant progress in its’ workplace safety and health standards over the last few years and is on track to become a leading centre of excellence in workplace safety and health in the region. My vision for the Institute is to help to sustain these achievements and create a world class Institute to support all stakeholders in their WSH efforts. I hope to work closely with my counterparts in MOM and the WSH Council to reinforce efforts in key areas such as WSH knowledge and information systems, hazard communication, leadership and employees’ involvement. Together, we hope to bring the Institute to new heights in achieving its vision of being a leading think-tank for WSH knowledge, innovations and solutions.”

    WSH Institute to chart new grounds for WSH Excellence and innovation
  4. The role of the Institute includes:

    (a) Establishment of a risk observatory for Asia to anticipate and communicate new and emerging WSH risks in the region.

    (b) Conduct applied research in partnership with institutes of higher learning and professional service providers. These are in areas related to business and organizational aspects of WSH and WSH risks and solutions. The Institute is in the process of evaluating the submission from the first round of call for proposals and would be announcing the results in due course.

    (c) Strengthening safety and health leadership in business leaders and WSH professionals. An example of this is the development of a Leadership Executive Programme for business leaders and the continuing education programme for WSH Professionals, such as the Train-the-trainer (T3) programme for WSH trainers. (See Annex B & Annex C)
  5. For more information on the WSH Institute, visit

Annex A - About Jukka Takala
Annex B - Factsheet on the WSH Institute
Annex C - National WSH Research Agenda