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As a Work Permit holder, how do I apply for approval to marry a Singaporean or permanent resident?

If you are a current or former Work Permit holder who wishes to marry a Singapore citizen or permanent resident (PR), you must seek approval from MOM.

However, you do not have to apply for approval if you:

  • Do not hold a Work Permit (e.g. you are an S Pass or Employment Pass holder).
  • Are a former Work Permit holder whose last held work pass was upgraded to Employment Pass or S Pass.
  • Are a former Work Permit holder who is now a Singapore citizen or Singapore PR.

How to apply

To apply for approval, complete the Marriage Application Form and mail it with the required documents to:

Work Pass Division (Marriage Screening Section)
Ministry of Manpower
18 Havelock Road
Singapore 059764

It takes about 4 weeks to process the application. We will notify you of the outcome by post.

If you are required to seek approval but fail to do so, your privilege to work in Singapore could be withdrawn. You may also be prevented from entering Singapore for a period of time.