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How often will my firm's COMPASS workforce profile be updated?

Your firm’s COMPASS workforce profile will be updated on the 6th day of each month.

The update includes:

  • The share of various nationalities among PMETs in your firm (used in C3 – Diversity).
  • The share of local PMETs in your firm (used in C4 – Support for Local Employment).
  • The number of PMET employees in your firm (used to assess your firm’s eligibility for small firm default points on C3 and C4).

To reduce sudden fluctuations, an average of the last 3 months of available data will be used.


On the 6th of May, your firm’s workforce profile will be updated based on the average of data in January, February, and March. Workforce data for April is not included as CPF contributions for April are collected in May, and can only be reflected on the 6th of June.