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FAQs on claims, benefits and insurance for COVID-19 treatment

Find out about claims, benefits and insurance for COVID-19 medical treatment.

Is the employer responsible for the cost of the COVID-19 test for incoming foreign employees?Show

For employees who are issued with 5-day sick leave due to the COVID-19 situation but were ruled out as a COVID-19 case subsequently, what should employers treat the sick leave period as?Show

The 5-day sick leave is granted to individuals who have respiratory symptoms to allow them to rest at home and to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Employers can treat the 5-day MC given as part of their paid outpatient sick leave under the Employment Act. Alternatively, if they wish to provide more support for their employees, employers can also treat the 5-day MC as part of their paid hospitalisation leave entitlements.

If an employee were to have insufficient paid outpatient sick leave in the future, employers are encouraged to be flexible and compassionate and grant additional paid sick leave to the employee taking into consideration the prolonged the sick leave used for the COVID-19 situation.

Who is responsible to pay for the pass holders' COVID-19 treatment?Show

Employers are responsible for the medical expenses incurred by their Work Permit and S Pass holders. 

Since 1 April 2023, the Government no longer pays for the COVID-19 treatment costs of all patients, regardless of vaccination status. This is in line with the financing support for other acute diseases. You can refer to MOH’s website for the prevailing COVID-19 financing policies. 

Employers of work pass holders may check with their insurers on the coverage of COVID-19 treatment under their existing medical insurance plan. They can consider purchasing a rider for additional coverage, if required. 

As an employer, do I have to provide medical benefits to my employees who travel overseas on personal trips?Show

[For those with employment contract or collective agreement that provides hospitalisation benefits] Check with your insurers on the coverage of your employees’ COVID-19 treatment under your insurance plan.

Under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, you must pay for your Work Permit or S Pass holders’ medical bills that are not covered by insurance or the prevailing charging policy stipulated by the Government.