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Documents required for EntrePass

You need to submit documents such as a business plan and copies of your passport along with the EntrePass application.

You will need these documents to apply:

  • Copy of the personal particulars page of your passport.
  • Past employment testimonials in English.
  • A business plan in English, not more than 10 pages, consisting of:
    Section Description
    Profile of applicant
    • Professional experience, such as employment history, role in growing businesses, track record in growing startups.
    • Awards or recognitions, such as prestigious awards by a national body, credible organisation or recognised media.
    • Special skills or resources, such as intellectual property, technology, networks, financial.
    • Academic qualifications.
    • Role in societies or organisations.
    Business idea
    • Product and service offered.
    • Market analysis
    • Supporting documents – e.g. licensing agreements, product certifications and endorsements.
    Implementation plan
    • Market plan.
    • Operation plan.
    • Financial projections.
    • Profile of management team.
  • (For businesses registered with ACRA) Company’s latest business profile or instant information.
We may ask for other documents when we review your application.