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Work Permit (Confinement Nanny) - Before you apply

Employer's Guidelines

Parents who wish to hire a foreign confinement nanny to look after their newborns during the confinement period, will have to apply for a Temporary Work Permit for her. The employer must be at least 21 years old at the time of application. (Note: All confinement nannies are given Temporary Work Permits instead of Work Permits)

The validity of the Temporary Work Permit is usually given up to a maximum of 16 weeks, starting from the child's date of birth.


To be eligible, the confinement nanny must be:

  • a Malaysian female
  • between 23 to 65 years old at the time of the application
  • working at her employer's residential address


The confinement nanny and the employer are bound by the basic Work Permit conditions. For example, the nanny cannot be deployed to work for other employers or in an occupation other than that stated in the Temporary Work Permit.


Employers who are thinking of hiring a confinement nanny should be aware of the following requirements and conditions to be fulfilled:

Medical Examination

Due to the short duration of employment, medical examinations are optional for confinement nannies. However, we do advise that employers send their confinement nannies for medical examinations as the nanny will come into contact with newborn children.

Personal Accident Insurance

A Personal Accident Insurance policy is not required for a confinement nanny.

Foreign Worker Levy

Levy begins on the day the Temporary Work Permit is issued. The Central Provident Fund Board, MOM's levy collecting agent, will mail the levy bill to the employer. The bill is for the levy incurred for the previous month. For example, the levy for January will be paid in February.

The levy rates for confinement nanny are $120 and $265 for employers who are Singapore Citizens and non-Singapore Citizens respectively.

If you have another Foreign Domestic Worker working for you:

The levy charges for the confinement nanny will be billed together with the levy for the Foreign Domestic Worker. The total levy amount will be deducted via GIRO.

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