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WorkRightThe WorkRight initiative was introduced in 2012 by the Ministry of Manpower and the Central Provident Fund Board to raise national compliance with the Employment Act and CPF Act. Our areas of focus include payment of CPF contributions, on-time payment of salary, overtime payment, provision of paid annual and sick leave, and adherence to requirements regarding working hours, amongst others.

Part of the "WorkRight" initiative is its "I Know My Employment Rights" education campaign, which aims to increase awareness amongst low-wage workers of their basic statutory employment benefits. We also help employers to be more familiar with their employment obligations so that they can do a better job of looking after the rights and welfare of their workers.

Everyone has a part to play, whether you are an employer, an employee or a concerned member of the public. If you come across non-compliant employers, please report them to us by calling this hotline: 1800-221-9922, or by emailing Your identity will be kept strictly confidential.

Last updated on 16 April 2015 12:05:19