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Shared parental leave

As a working father, you can apply to share 1 week of your wife's 16 weeks of Government-Paid Maternity Leave, subject to your wife's agreement.


If you are a working father, including one who is self-employed, you are entitled to shared parental leave if you meet the following requirements:

  • Your child is a Singapore citizen.
  • The child's mother qualifies for Government-Paid Maternity Leave (GPML).
  • You are lawfully married to the child's mother.

You may also be eligible for another 1 week of Government-Paid Paternity Leave.


You are entitled to 1 week of shared parental leave, capped at $2,500, including CPF contributions.

You can take your leave as follows:

Arrangement 1 week
Default, without any mutual agreement Take 1 continuous week within 12 months after the birth of the child.
Flexibly, by mutual agreement Split the 1 week into working days and take them in any combination within 12 months after the birth of the child.
Calculating working days 1 week x the number of working days in the week.
Capped at 6 working days.

How to apply

For instructions on applying or claiming reimbursement, visit the eCitizen Shared Parental Leave page or call 1800 227 1188.

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Last Updated: 26 May 2015