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National Wages Council Invites Views on Annual Wage Guidelines

28 March 2013

  1. The National Wages Council (NWC) will convene in April and May 2013 to consider wage and wage-related guidelines for 2013/2014.
  2. In its deliberations on the wage guidelines, the NWC will consider relevant factors such as Singapore’s economic performance, as well as the global, regional and local economic outlook. The Council will also look at Singapore's competitiveness, labour market conditions, inflation and productivity. Members of the public are encouraged to share their views on what could be included in the annual wage recommendations, including feedback and input on other wage-related issues. Your feedback will form valuable input in the Council’s deliberations.
  3. Members of the public and all stakeholders can send their views to the Secretary of the NWC through the following channels by 10 April 2013:

    The Secretary
    National Wages Council
    c/o Labour Relations and Workplaces Division
    1500 Bendemeer Road #03-01
    Ministry of Manpower Services Centre
    Singapore 339946
    Fax: 6535 4811
  4. The NWC consists of employer, union and government representatives. The list of members is in the Annex.

Annex - List of NWC Members 2013-2014