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FAQs on using TraceTogether for contact tracing

Foreign workers need to download the latest TraceTogether app and register their details.

How do I know if my worker needs to download TraceTogether?Show

Your foreign worker needs to download TraceTogether if they are:

  • Staying in a dormitory, i.e. PBDs, FCDs, CTQs or TOL quarters.
  • Work Permit or S Pass holders who work in the construction, marine or process sectors.

Is it mandatory for workers who are not Work Permit and S Pass holders from construction, marine and process sectors, or who are not staying in dormitories, to download and register TraceTogether?Show

No, it is not mandatory for such workers to download and register TraceTogether.

However, workers are still strongly encouraged to do so to facilitate contact tracing should there be an infection.

What should I do if my worker's mobile phone is unable to download TraceTogether?Show

If your worker’s mobile phone is unable to download and activate TraceTogether, it is likely because the phone’s operating system (OS) does not support the functionalities needed for the app to work.

In this case, you need to provide your worker with a mobile phone that can support TraceTogether, so that they can be notified if they have possibly been exposed to COVID-19. This will also reduce the impact to your business operations if there’s an outbreak that affects your workers.

Phones that support TraceTogether
  • Phones with Android version 5.1 or above, and have access to Google Play store.
    Note: Newer Huawei phones (e.g. Mate 30, P40, P40 Pro) don’t have access to Google Play store.
  • Phones with iOS version 10 or above.
Phones that don’t support TraceTogether
  • Huawei phones that don’t have access to Google Play store, e.g. Mate 30, P40, P40 Pro.
  • Phones with Android version 5.0 or below.
  • Phones with iOS version 9 or below.
  • Phones with Blackberry OS or Symbian OS.
  • Phones with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system installed by employers that prevents downloads from Google Play store or App store.

What should I do if my worker doesn't have a data plan?Show

Your worker doesn’t need a data plan to use TraceTogether.

But you can help your worker connect to Wi-Fi for the initial download and set up.

After that, it’s best for your worker to connect their phone to Wi-Fi at least once a day. This allows TraceTogether to retrieve new temporary IDs from the server, which protects their phone from malicious tracking.

I'm a foreign worker. What should I do if I haven't receive my work pass card?Show

TraceTogether has been updated for workers without work pass cards to register using their date of application.

The date of application can be found in your IPA letters and notification letters.

Please guide your worker to download the latest TraceTogether and follow the steps in the app to complete registration.

Is TraceTogether available for all regions in Apple App Store and Google Play Store?Show

Yes. TraceTogether is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for all regions.

TraceTogether is built specifically for contact tracing within Singapore and will function only when you are in Singapore.

If you’re in Singapore and can’t download TraceTogether previously because your Apple App Store or Google Play Store was set to another region, you should try downloading again.

My worker previously used 388562 as the temporary card serial number to register for TraceTogether. Does my worker need to re-register using the actual card serial number?Show

Workers who had previously registered using 388562 don’t need to re-register for TraceTogether.

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