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Application for Scaffold Contractor

Regulation 5 of the Workplace Safety and Health (Scaffolds) Regulations stipulates that no scaffold (other than a tower scaffold and a trestle scaffold) shall be erected, installed, re-positioned, altered or dismantled except by an approved scaffold contractor.

The requirement is applicable to all premises deemed to be a “factory” as defined in the Workplace Safety and Health Act. Under the Workplace safety and Health Act, a factory includes construction sites, shipyards, warehouses, manufacturing plants, oil refineries, and petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical plants.

Any scaffold contractor who wishes to erect scaffolds (except a tower scaffold, a trestle scaffold or any scaffold with a height less than 4 m) in a factory must first obtain a written approval to be an “Approved Scaffold Contractor” (ASC) from the Commissioner for Workplace Safety and Health.

To be an ASC, the scaffold contractor must satisfy the criteria prescribed in Section 2 - Criteria for Approval as an Approved Scaffold Contractor (ASC). Factory occupiers and main contractors who wish to erect their own scaffolds at the worksites can obtain approval as an ASC themselves, provided they fulfill the criteria.

You may apply for a new Competent Organisation Certificate online. SingPass is required to log in.

The applicant may print the Certificate online upon login or choose to receive a copy via email.

Application Criteria

A scaffold contractor applying to be registered as an ASC must have the expertise, practical know-how and adequate resources to effectively carry out their duties as prescribed in the law.

The ASC shall be responsible for the overall operation. In addition, the ASC has to ensure that a sufficient number of erection / rigging teams have been properly instructed to carry out their respective work in accordance with the scaffold manufacturer's procedure.

To be approved as an ASC carrying out the erection, installation, addition, alteration or dismantling of scaffolds, the scaffold contractor must have the following pre-requisites:

  • Employ sufficient competent scaffold supervisors and scaffold erectors (a minimum of two scaffold supervisors and five scaffold erectors), who have successfully completed a training course respectively in an institution acceptable to the Commissioner for Workplace Safety and Health, to carry out the erection, installation, addition, alteration or dismantling of the scaffolds. If the supervisors/erectors are foreign workers, they must be direct employees. All employees of ASC working onsite must be either trained scaffold supervisors/erectors.
  • A firm or company registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).
  • Erect scaffolds that are in good condition and type tested by a recognised testing body in accordance with a standard or specification acceptable to the Commissioner. The scaffolds shall comply with the WSH (Scaffold) Regulations, any other relevant Regulations and other conditions as may be imposed by the Commissioner as deemed fit.
  • Risk Assessment for erection, installation, addition, alteration or dismantling of scaffolds; and 
  • SOP/Method statement in relation to scaffolding works. 

Documents Required

  • A pdfdeclaration by the WSH auditor is to be submitted stating that the Risk Assessments (RAs) of scaffold erection and dismantling process for all the scaffolds that ASC is competent in, eg., Tube & fittings, Framed Scaffolds or Modular Scaffolds have been audited as part of the bizSAFE certification
  • A copy of Business profile lodged with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).
  • Company testimony for scaffold supervisor or suspended scaffold supervisor. (minimum 2 supervisors with at least 2 years of experience in the erection, installation, addition, alteration, dismantling or repositioning of scaffolds / suspended scaffolds respectively.)
  • Training certificate for scaffold supervisor/ suspended scaffold supervisor.
  • Training certificate for scaffold erectors/ riggers. (minimum 5 erectors/riggers.)
  • Supporting documents i.e. photocopies of the employment letter/ work permit to show that scaffold supervisors and erectors are under the direct employment of your company. (applicable to foreign workers only.)
  • All scaffold supervisors are to attend the Work At Height (WAH) course and their training certificates are to be submitted.

Important Points

  • Fees ($150 inclusive of GST) paid are NOT refundable. (regardless of the outcome of the application.)
  • All documents must be submitted in Portable Document Format (PDF) only.
  • Improper and incomplete applications will be rejected without any prior notice.
  • Applicant will be notified of the approval status of the application via email or SMS depending on the mode of notification selected during the e-submission. The applicant can receive the Certificate via email or login to the “Check Application Status Menu” to print the certificate.
  • The certificate will remain valid for the effective duration of the bizSAFE certification.
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