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Application for Crane Contractor

The dismantling of cranes for the purpose of transportation, the installation, repair and alteration of cranes at the worksite for use are very common operations. The proper installation, repair, alteration or dismantling of a crane is crucial to ensure the safety of persons in a factory. Parts of a crane (especially the load-bear parts) if not properly handled during the installation, repair, alteration or dismantling processes, can be damaged and will pose a danger when the crane is used.

A crane must be installed, repaired, altered or dismantled according to the manufacturer's instructions. Otherwise, it could result in failure of the crane even though it has been properly designed and fabricated.

The crane contractor/erector, therefore, has a critical role to play in preventing accidents involving the use of cranes.

Under the Workplace Safety and Health (Operation of Cranes) Regulations, no person shall install, repair, alter or dismantle a mobile crane or tower crane unless he is an approved crane contractor in writing by the Commissioner.

You may apply for a new Competent Organisation Certificate online. SingPass is required to log in.

The applicant may print the Certificate online upon login or choose to receive a copy via email.

Application criteria

Documents required

  • A copy of Business profile lodged with the ACRA
  • Company's programme for training/instruction to ensure that the proposed crane erectors are properly instructed in procedure laid down by the manufacturers
  • Supporting documents for at least two crane erectors
  • pdfMedical Report Form (For applicant 60 years old and above or if so required by the Commissioner for Workplace Safety and Health)
  • bizSAFE Level 3 Certification and above Certification
  • Certification of attendance of crane erectors on brand specific training approved or conducted by manufacturer for installation, alteration and dismantling of cranes
  • Certificate of successful completion of crane erectors on generic course for tower cranes installation, alteration and dismantling conducted by BCAA for applications submitted on or after 1 October 2011 for crane contractors of tower cranes
  • A Letter of Declaration that the company have the manufacturer's manual which contains instructions on the safe procedures for the installation, repair, alteration and dismantling of the cranes, including a list of all such manuals in possession (include the brand and models).

Additional documents required (Applicable to application for repair of cranes)

  • Letter of authorisation from crane manufacturers that the company is competent to carry out structural repair of load-bearing parts of the crane
  • For organisations that are unable to produce the authorisation letter, they could submit other documentary evidence and the work methodology to establish that they are competent to perform the repair work. These include:
    • Welding procedure specification, procedure qualification and welders qualification records.

    • A detailed work procedure on the structural repair that is to be carried out. The procedure must cover the scope of repair work, a list of OEM parts for the repair, non-destructive testing and load test upon completion of repair.

    • A procedure for ensuring that the authorised examiner is informed of any repair work that the contractor undertakes. The procedure shall also include acknowledgement by the authorised examiner that he is informed and will supervise the repair work.

    • A letter of undertaking from the authorised examiner that he would supervise the repair work to be carried out by the contractor when requested. The authorised examiner shall also ensure that the contractor carries out the repair work in strict compliance to the proposed procedures stated in paragraph two and that the material used is of a type and specification approved by the manufacturer.
      (Note: If the authorised examiner giving the undertaking relinquished his responsibility to supervise the repairs works, the contractor must obtain a letter of undertaking from another authorised examiner.)

    • A letter of undertaking from the organisation that they would only use material of the manufacturer's approved type for the repair and that the repair would be supervised by the authorised examiner.

Important points

  • Fees ($150 inclusive of GST) paid are NOT refundable. (regardless of the outcome of the application).
  • All documents must be submitted in Portable Document Format (PDF) only.
  • Improper and incomplete applications will be rejected without any prior notice.
  • Applicant will be notified of the approval status of the application via email or SMS depending on the mode of notification selected during the e-submission. The applicant can receive the Certificate of Approval via email or login to the “Check Application Status Menu” to print the “Certificate of Approval”.
  • The certificate will remain valid for the effective duration of the bizSAFE certification.
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